On this page we present you with a variety of delicious recipes for cakes and cookies, which you can mix weed in. The recipes are based on classic Danish cake recipes.

All of our recipes are with both American and European units of measurement. If in doubt, take a look at our conversion table.

Notice: You can't simply mix your weed in the cake! To achieve the best consistency and intoxication you should cook weed butter and apply it in the recipe. Be aware that it takes many hours to cook the weed butter. But it's worth the wait. You can easily make weed butter ready for more cakes at once.


To get the desired effect we refer to our dose table where you can see how much weed you need in order to achieve the desired effect - depending on the weed type and strength.

If you do not want a euphoric effect, you can simply replace weed butter with regular butter or margarine.

Weed has many names, texture and shapes. When we generally talk about weed, it can both be leafs, bud or powdered hash. It is therefore important to use the dosage table when baking.

The effect of the added weed kicks in considerably later than by smoking. So be careful not to eat more cake than you expect to be able to tolerate.

If this is the first time you consume weed orally, try to eat a little less, wait for the effect and perhaps eat some more after a period of 30-60 minutes.

Please share this page with your friends. That way you might be lucky to get served a lovely weed cake the next time you visit your friends. On our Facebook page you are welcome to add your own recipes or find recipes added by other users.

Warning: Weed is a narcotic drug and cakes containing a weed product should not be served to children or ignorant people without their prior consent.

It will not be possible to see, smell or taste that the cakes contain weed.

Additional warning: You can get really high from eating weed cakes but you can also get fat. So think about your weight and eat a carrot once in a while.

Have fun baking and stay high!